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Anaphylaxis Awareness Melbourne

Anaphylaxis Awareness is a mandated course for most workers in Children's Services across Australia. Our Melbourne Anaphylaxis course is nationally accredited as Anaphylaxis Awareness - 10313NAT and costs $75 to complete at our Melbourne CBD Training Centre.

Course Overview

Anaphylaxis Awareness is a focus point for anyone who has a 'Duty of Care' for a person at risk of anaphylaxis. This course meets the needs of the Ministerial Order 90 which specifies the need for Children's Services Workers to be Anaphylaxis accredited.


This course expires after 3 years from the date of certificate issuance.

Course Structure

Our Anaphylaxis Awareness course is broken down into theory and practical elements. Assessing tools such as role-play, verball assessment, written answers and multiple choice questions will be used. Contact our team to learn more about how we assess. 




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Trainer Profile

Rathi Damodaran holds a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management from The Kensington College and University, United Kingdom. She was born in Malaysia and migrated to Australia in 2007. Between 200...
I have had approximately 25 years in the early childhood industry. Within this period I have worn many hats ranging from kindergarten assistant to early childhood service director. I am currently work...

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